Soundy Audio

Who Is Soundy Audio?

Soundy Audio is the the brainchild of Rich Prewett.  Rich has been involved in audio for almost 30 years. He has been a performer, session musician, pit band musician, accompanist, song-writer, consultant, and musical instructor. He has had the honors of recording with triple Grammy winners Sounds Of Blackness, he was a member of successful pop-rock band Q public, and has performed all over the country on many large and illustrious stages. Rich spent over 10 years of his career performing with various contemporary African and Reggae bands, as well as alternative, punk, and even jazz music groups. Now all of that experience with so many genres and flavors of music combined with the excitement and diversity from all of the stages and crowds are culminated into a powerful and talented audio production and performance company, Soundy Audio. Soundy Audio is a full featured and dedicated audio production company that is ready and equipped to satisfy all of your audio needs, no matter what the project is or where you are. We have a global network of artists so if we can’t do a project in house, it will still get done quickly and with expert precision.