Soundy Audio


Rich played guitars on our last album. His consummate professionalism and outrageous musicianship added depth and creativity where it was desperately needed. His enthusiasm as a player and his meticulous attention to detail made him a full member of the collaboration as opposed to some faceless session player who dutifully checked off their notes.The record just wouldn’t have been as good without Rich.

Hysterical Preservation Society


I’ve collaborated with Rich as an engineer on several projects including a recent album I mixed that I sent to Rich to master. He did a tremendous job with it, every track came back improved but not seriously altered with a steady balance through and through. Rich’s experience in analog audio really comes through in his sensibilities as an engineer. Good ears, good gears & good taste. Rich is also a quality individual whose enthusiasm for music makes him a knowledgeable and valuable sounding board.


I have come to know Rich through the vibrant Acustica Audio forum
where he has proved himself invaluable by giving feedback into ways I can improve
my products. He has a keen ear and mature insights that only years of
experience in the analog domain can bring. I count him as an ally in
whom I have no hesitation in recommending to help your audio dreams
come true. Trust him, he knows what he is talking about.

Henry Olonga.
Third party developer for Acustica Audio


Rich mastered an EP I mixed recently, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Each song came back sounding punchy and warm, with more clarity and depth than I could have hoped for. Rich is also a consummate professional, attentive to the needs of the source material, and has the ears, skills and gear to match his passionate dedication to the art.

I look forward to working with Rich again in the future and will heartily recommend him to anyone in need of a great audio engineer.

Stuart Hudson

sound engineer, freelance

I have known Rich for a while now. We share a common love for music and recording, and I learned very early in our discussions that he was someone that could become a vital beta tester of my audio software. This has given me the opportunity to enjoy Rich’s mastery of the composing and recording process.I have enjoyed the challenges and rewards of composing and recording for many years, so I don’t use words lightly when I say that Rich is truly a rare talent at what he does. His ideas are fresh, his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist are far above average and truly inspiring, and his ear for mixing is top-notch. The only thing that may impress me more about his work is how fast and efficient he is. Rich seems to be capable of creating something masterful and original in a few days what could easily take someone weeks or more. His performance and recording never sounds rushed and it never sounds canned.

I would easily recommend Rich to anyone needing original music. Not only will you enjoy the results, but you will meet one of the kindest and humblest talents in the field.

-Michael Angel CDS Audio Software