Soundy Audio


Do you operate a small project studio? Or maybe even a larger commercial studio? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have someone tracking parts for you without having to worry about booking time at your location? Or even better, wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you had a paying client in session and you could also have more tracks being done for you at the same time, and then delivered promptly ready to be reviewed? That unheard of idea is now a reality. Soundy Audio can create parts for you and have them ready for your project quickly and with the highest quality, regardless of your location as long as you can access the internet.  We can do simple one instrument tracks, complex orchestrations, and most things in between!  The depth and scope of what we can do is too broad to describe in a few simple sentences. And because we are innovative and operating in a  radical new way of doing business, we have built a large and creative network of artists that span the globe, so if we can’t do everything in-house, we can still complete your project with grace and astounding skill! Shoot us an email by clicking on the “Contact” link, and we will go from there. If you are in a tight spot on your time-table, we are always willing to discuss putting your project on an accelerated completion schedule with very little hassle. We are crazy about audio and are ready to do whatever it takes to make your project work for you. We are reasonable, efficient, and work at the highest professional levels. And because we work on a per-project fee, not an hourly fee, we can always customize a project to give you what you need and still satisfy most budgetary needs. We are not here to become millionaires, we truly love audio and are so happy to be creating it and helping others realize their audio projects to completion.