Soundy Audio

What We Do

If it is audible, what don’t we do? Whether you are a singer-songwriter, a full band of any genre, orchestral composer, filmmaker, artist, business owner, videographer, advertiser, we can make the audio that you need. We can track individual tracks of any instrument, create a full song from either a melody of yours or created by us, do full arrangements of orchestra-brass-woodwinds-choral, jingles, soundscapes, sound-tracks, ambient background audio, art show audio, even sound effects for any purpose. If it involves sound, we are the place to get it. And in this wonderful era of the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are. If you have or can get even temporary access to an internet connection, you can work with Soundy Audio. And we don’t bill by the hour; we have made the conscious and forward-thinking decision to radically redefine the way to do business and will customize a project to fit your time constraints and budgetary abilities. Besides, we have also recognized that we have our own work-flow and believe so much in our quality that we stand behind our promises and will always deliver you the best product for your needs, even if it takes a littleĀ  longer than expected. We are not in business to get rich, we are audio crazed souls who want the world to experience amazing audio. We look forward to hearing from you.